Writing an introduction or bio for your website is like describing yourself on a first date; you want to impress the other person and tell about all the amazing things you have done… I was… I did… my life has been such an incredible adventure! After a while of trying to decide how do it, I decided to ask advice from someone who always has the answer… Google! Then, poor me, I discovered that there are many websites which explain how to write the perfect bio. Some of them teach you what to say, how to say it, others gives you the nine key points to craft the perfect page.

So you start to read about strategy, marketing, empathy, colours, languages, format, communication, truth, lies… and, finally, the best reviews suggest you don’t write a bio at all but just show what you do, and this, this is the moment when I would prefer to be someone who doesn’t need a web page! Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I don’t need a web page! But I’ve already paid the host, bought the domain, learned how to use WordPress and spent four days deciding how to organize the pages! Maybe I’ve messed up! Then, I decided that I’d just write something down, simple enough to make you understand why I have a web page.

And that’s it:  I’m a audio-visual creative,  content developer and writer. For all the rest, ask Google or contact me!